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Are you looking for a new exciting career as a croupier inside the casino industry?

Or are you an organization looking to increase your bottom line by training your most important assett, your Human Capital?

Welcome on our International Croupier and Casino Training page then!

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Are you a casino company?


Casino industry is very unique.

95% of his employees are in direct contact with customers.

If you believe, like us, Human Capital is the most important asset in your organization in order to increase your profitability, to drive change and to distinguish your operations, you know what you have to do is to take care of themselves and to let them grow under your wings.

Richard Branson sugli impiegati

Given our sensitivity towards casino operators and deeply committed to the development of Human Capital our training is directly focus both on developing the technical/professional skills requested by the position involved, both on developing the area of motivation and personality/behavior, with particular attention on E.I., Customer Service-Retention-Experience, Verbal and Non Verbal Communication, Corporate Culture, among the topics.

This is a win-win strategy.
From your dealers/slot attendants up to your Supervisors/Pitboss/Gaming Floor Managers.

We can train for you fresh human resources or retrain the existing one, on any games, in any topic, at any location.

We can offer to you different topics, on different contents like:

  • Casino Customer Experience: do you know your Casino Ecosystem?
    Vision – Mission – Values – People – Connection – Environment.
  • Table Operations. Strategy – Optimization – KPI – Layout – Trends.
  • Slot Operations. Strategy – Optimization – KPI – Layout – Trends.
  • Marketing of casino products/environment. Customers Profiling. Promotion and Communication.
  • Manage your staff: Recruitment – Evaluation – Assessment – Traininig – E.I. – Motivation.
  • Casino Customer Management Experience: E.I.- Customer Sevice – Customer Retention – Verbal and Non Verbal Communication – Customer Profiling: needs and expectations from the casino product and environment. Casino maths.
  • Casino Protection: BJ Card Counting  (BS, Techniques, Cindex, Mmanegement) – Table Games Protection – Slot Floor Protection – Cage Protection.

Our training is the perfect solution to reward, motivate, boost your casino human resources and to directly increase your organization profitability!

We can come to your premises, evaluate the situation and decide together the right solution to apply.

Call us and we will re-organize your operations!

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Training in Parisian Macau

Do you want to start a brand new fresh career!


We can offer you the best professional training in Europe and a job position as a casino dealer inside the casino industry at the end of the training.

By following our 60 to 90 days training you will develop a superior technical knowledge and skills to start your new career not as a trainee, but as professional. And on top of that, with our theoretical path you will know all the fundamentals concerning the casino environment. The economical and organizational aspects, the marketing of casino products, the maths that leads table games, psychology and the sociology, casino customers profiling, communication and superior customer service  just to mention a few, in order to excel, succedd and grow inside the industry.

We don’t care if you are tall or small, fat or slim, handsome or ugly!
What we want from you is motivation, to be smart, clever, polite and with positive attitudes towards people.
We will do the rest, together!

You will become a successful casino dealer by learning the following three most important skills:

  1. Customer relation skills. The most important skill a casino croupier should possess in order to succeed in this field is the desire and the ability to get along with people.
  2. Manual dexterity and mathematical skills. These are the basic skills a casino trainee dealer must developed in order to manage different casino tables quickly and smoothly.
  3. Mental concentration. As you could imagine, a casino gaming floor could be a noisy ambient. In order to maintain the working standards required by the management a casino dealer must be able to run each table game without any distraction.

The training we provide is really intensive and it is split in two main educational paths:

1.Theoretical training, with two main training goals:

  1. To examine the concept of “gambling”, considered as a historical, economic, social phenomenon that has always characterised human history and the industry itself;
  2. To efficiently analyse the features of a casino company, seen as a productive, economic unit operating in the “entertainment” industry.

You will learn the following contents:

  • Maths behind table games and profitability of a casino gaming floor.
  • Customer Profiling. Needs and expectations from the casino environment.
  • Superior Customer Service. Communication and relationship.
  • Economical and organizational aspects of the casino industry.
  • Game Protection.

2.Technical training, with three main training goals:

  1. To develop expertise in the casino dealer profession;
  2. To increase the ability to concentrate, in order to improve focus and attention in managing gambling tables in a stressful, noisy or overcrowded environment, as is the case of casino gaming floors;
  3. To work quickly and accurately. The ultimate goal of all companies is economic and financial success. A casino is a company as well and, in spite of being an unusual one, it pursues the same result. As a consequence, a croupier has to maximise bets in order to contribute to the company’s mission.

You will learn to manage the following table games:

  • Fair Roulette and American Roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Three Cards Poker
  • Texas and Omaha Poker
  • Punto Banco
  • Craps

There will be intermediate tests to assess the knowledge you gained and at the end of the training you will take a final exam in order to obtain an internationally recognised professional qualification, thus gaining access to the labour market.

Our training course is quite demanding – it requires perseverance, reliability and commitment. In order to offer you high quality levels, our classes never include more than 8 people. This allows us to train each student according to the highest casino industry standards.

Get in touch, get informed, get trained and get a successful career with us!

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